Club nights are held on Tuesday evenings at Charlestown Swim Centre at 7pm. It is recommended swimmers arrive prior to this time so that races can start at 7pm sharp.

The programs for club nights has a focus on improving the fun factor and the majority will include relays or other novelty race as the last event.

The entry process this season will change to one where those that want to enter for the upcoming club night send a reply on TeamApp. We will send out a message each week and those that will be attending can reply with the swimmers names. Swimmers that have not entered but attend on club night will still be able to swim if there are spare lanes but participation in any relay events may not be possible. Organisation of relays will be done prior to the night.


The club night schedule is available on the website. Every effort will be made to follow the events as listed, however, the program of events may be changed if required by a decision of the committee members.